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Condair is the leading humidifier manufacturer for commercial and industrial humidifiers for all applications

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We are looking forward to another exciting year...


Condair’s EL and RS Series of electric steam humidifiers lead the humidification industry in performance, reliability and flexibility. Application flexibility of these products has now improved even further with the addition of the newly designed outdoor cabinet models. The EL-OC and RS-OC are now the most compact, easy to maintain and cost effective outdoor electric humidifiers on the market. Many new outstanding improvements allow this product to be used in almost any application requiring reliable humidification.


Condair has been manufacturing gas-fired humidification systems for almost two decades and we’re still looking to improve on our past designs. Our newest GS Series keeps all of our long standing objectives in mind showcased in our most efficient package yet.  Showcasing a total efficiency of over 90%, the new GS Series (HE) is the first gas-fired humidifier to apply condensing technology to operate in high-efficiency.  


Condair introduces the next generation in Water Pre-treatment Systems, utilizing the latest methods to remove contaminants and hard minerals from water. During this two-step process water is pushed through an activated carbon filter to eliminate the chlorine, and then treated with a duplex softening system removing contaminants and hardness caused by calcium and magnesium.


Condair's new RS Series resistive steam humidifier has a patented scale management system that allows easy removal of scale, resulting in reduced maintenance and extended operational periods between major services. It also incorporates the latest touch screen control technology, has BMS as standard and offers very close humidity control at ±1%RH with RO water.


The new Condair ME Series evaporative humidifier / cooler, offers low energy humidification and evaporative cooling to an air handling unit or duct. Its innovative and patented features position it firmly as the World’s leading humidifier of its type. 


Effective August 1, 2014, Condair Systems Direct Room Humidification has been integrated into Condair. By joining forces, Condair has over 65 years of combined experience in the humidification industry.


Condair celebrated its 40th Anniversary!


The NH-EL is the newest electrode steam humidifier from Condair. With forty years experience and a leader in commercial humidification, Condair has developed an all new touch screen controller that is easy to navigate and contains more information than ever before.


Condair HELP is now web-based giving you the freedom to access your humidification projects everywhere you need to be.


MH Series Evaporative Humidifier / Cooler is introduced by Condair.  With its stingy energy consumption the MH Series s a perfect compliment towards Green/LEED building design.


Condair OnLine the humidification industries first web based humidifier service is introduced. Condair OnLine can trouble shoot Condair humidifiers from anywhere in the world 24/7.


Condair the leader in electrode steam humidification introduces the all new NHTC the most advance unit of its kind available.


The NHSC, Condair's newest creation is virtually new technology. The NHSC is a resistive element humidifier with an amazing twist. It incorporates a unique patented scale management system, which makes it ideal for use with extreme water conditions.


The GS Series, gas steam humidifier answers the question of how to make the best better. With low flu gas emissions that exceed tomorrow's stringent requirements and up to 630 lbs/hr of steam production from a single unit, nothing has been missed in the GS Series. 


Condair's New SAM-e, Short Absorption Manifold is ideally suited for humidification applications where the shortest possible absorption distance is required. This manifold disperses precisely controlled atmospheric or pressurized steam uniformly into the air stream. The steam is discharged from both sides of the distributor pipe perpendicular to the air stream using stainless steel nozzles.


Launch of the HP Series, High Pressure nozzle humidifier, rounds out Condair's complete line of adiabatic humidification technology. Supplying high-pressure water from a pump package to each nozzle is a cost-effective way to provide precise humidity control, especially in areas where free cooling is an asset..


Launch of the SE Series, Steam Exchange humidifier, is a great way to use existing building boiler steam and economically produce atmospheric steam for humidification. Through the use of a uniquely designed heat exchanger, boiler steam is isolated from the make up water, while maintaining a compact unit profile and easy maintenance.


H.E.L.P. or Humidification Engineering and Loadsizing Program is the most complete and incredibly easy-to-use software package in the humidification industry. H.E.L.P. guides you through a Product Explorer, Engineering Binder and an interactive Psychrometric Chart while providing schematics, cost analysis, and detailed weather data. No wonder this program won product of the year at Climatex.


The GH Series, Gas-fired Humidifier is not only a new product for Condair, but also a new technology for the Industry, providing pure, clean, atmospheric steam at an economical operating cost. The high efficiency ceramic gas burner and heat exchanger combination transforms water, in the surrounding tank, to steam. The many standard features of the GH Series were immediately accepted in the industry, as demonstrated when the GH Series won a technology award at Climatex and was a finalist for product of the year with Plant Engineering.


Condair was the first manufacturer of commercial humidification equipment, in North America, to be ISO 9001 registered. We are proud to tell you, our customers, that the Condair products you depend on are manufactured in facilities registered to the highest quality standard.

LIVESTEAM, steam injection humidifiers deliver reliable humidity from the facility steam boiler. Constructed of premium quality 304 stainless steel, Condair LIVESTEAM equipment delivers cost-effective humidification over a long life.

The NH Series, of electrode steam humidifiers, are designed to operate on regular tap water. All mineral deposits remain in the easy to replace disposable cylinder. Operated from a microcomputer, the NHMC has alphanumeric display indicating unit operation or service requirements. User information is instant. 


Bring it home - The ES Series of Electrode Steam humidifiers were manufactured in North America for the first time, utilizing the new Auto-Adaptive control system. This revolutionary technology made it possible for electrode steam humidifiers to operate more efficiently than ever before and automatically adjust to almost any local water condition. The patented Auto-Adaptive control system made it all happen and is still used today in the most advanced Electrode Steam humidifiers.


1973 is the most important of our company milestones. This was the year Condair was incorporated. The very first humidifier order at Condair was for two units for Alcan Aluminum Company. The units were sold by the President, and assembled by the Vice President. Twenty-five years and thousands of projects later, we have seen the evolution and we know there are great things to come.