Condair is the leading manufacturer of steam distribution humidification systems for commercial and industrial applications

Low humidity indoors can pose a health risk as much as it can put your equipment and product in danger. Humidity under 30% RH can be a reason for adverse health effects as well as pose threats to your business operations and facility maintenance.

In addition, static electricity may become a reoccurring issue in conditions of constant sub-ideal humidity, affecting semiconductor devices, causing surfaces to become electrically charged. Those are just a few of many potential risks Condair’s Steam Humidifiers can help you solve.

LS Series Pressure Steam Humidifiers

The best choice for reliable and low-cost humidification to exactly meet high levels of air humidity needs at all times.

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BP Series Blower Packs

Need to distribute direct steam into remote areas? These blower packs are your solution. They are a convenient accessory and intuitive to set up.

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AS Series Distributor

Manufactured with stainless steel, this steam distribution powerhouse naturally introduces atmospheric steam into your property’s duct or Air Handling Unit.

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AM Series Short Absorption Manifolds

Precisely handling the distribution of hygienic steam into any air stream, the AM Series by Condair eliminates condensate spraying entirely.

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