AM Series 
Short Absorption Manifolds

The AM-Series short absorption manifold, distributes clean steam, precisely controlled, uniformly into the air stream, and void of any condensate spray.

Condair's steam absorption system is for use in air handling units and duct systems where short steam absorption distance is critical. Steam distribution takes place via distributor tubes with integrated nozzles which extend into the center of the distribution tube ensuring only condensate-free steam is released.

Condensate drains out of the distribution tubes through the header, eliminating the need for jacketed tubes.

An AM-mini is also available for use in ducts with heights ranging from 8" - 24" (20.3 - 61.0 cm). 

Optional stainless steel air gap insulation can reduce energy losses by up to 70%, while ensuring efficient and hygienic operation.

Condair Distributor Guideline

Use the chart below as a guideline of which Condair Distributors are recommended for each Condair humidifier.


Why Choose the AM Series?

  • For use in applications where absorption distance is critical
  • Distributes clean steam that is precisely controlled
  • For use in air handling units and duct systems
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Can be used with atmospheric steam or pressure steam
  • Optional stainless steel air gap insulation
  • Comes with a standard 10 year warranty

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