5 Advantages of Home Humidity Control

A home with an ideal humidity level of between 40-60% RH is healthier, more comfortable, safer and cleaner. A great way to protect your living environment and the health of your loved ones is to invest in a residential humidification system, particularly if you live in a drier area or an older property. Here are five key advantages associated with home humidity control. Collectively, they illustrate how beneficial and healthy this technology truly is.

1. Illness Prevention

Many common viruses, such as influenza, thrive in drier environments and can easily transmit into the air of a home. This can result in the spread of various illnesses and adverse health effects. When the air is moist, however, these viruses have a more difficult time transmitting. Regulated and controlled humidification is the best way to protect your household from unwanted colds and illnesses, particularly during winter when the heater is on and normally drying up inside air. Additionally, pets such as dogs, cats and parrots can become very ill from drier air prone to airborne virus transmittance, so a residential humidifier essentially safeguards everyone in your home from adverse health complications.

2. Airborne Dust Elimination

Dust and airborne pollutants such as mold spores can develop a wide range of problems, including allergic reactions and infections. This is accelerated in homes with a humidity level lower than 40%RH, and it can easily grow into a difficult problem to overcome. However, maintaining a sufficient relative humidity percentage at all times through the use of a residential humidifier stops dust and pollutants in their tracks. It binds airborne particles tightly together and causes them to precipitate. Consider it akin to applying a screen protector to your smartphone in a steamed-up bathroom, where dust and pollutants fall from tighter binding and a heavier weight to create a clean and pure atmosphere. With the installation and regulated operation of a residential humidifier such as Condair's RH Series systems, this effect can last indefinitely, making any home a comfortable and clean environment for allergy sufferers or those sensitive to airborne infections, including pets and children.

3. Sufficient and Regulated Hydration

A home that has a consistently maintained humidity level of 40-60%RH allows for proper hydration. This protects against damage to skin and hair in the form of dryness, itchiness, dullness and split ends. Flaking, cracking and roughness are also prevented in sufficiently humidified conditions. This enables your skin to remain vibrant and healthy, and hair to be far more manageable and stronger. If you have wooden furniture, valuable artwork or sensitive musical instruments such as a piano or violin, then proper humidification will protect against cracking, warping and other dimensional changes produced by a drier atmosphere. In addition, wooden floors will also remain in better shape for longer. Such products require balanced humidity levels to maintain their intended shape and composition without developing problems or unwanted ill effects.

4. Electrostatic Shock Reduction

Total home humidification is crucial in order to protect against electrostatic shocks and the development of static electricity, which can stop from pesky and irritating shocks. In addition, however, it protects your home against fires fuelled by static electric discharges, particularly during the winter months. For those with smart homes or sensitive electronics, an interior humidity between 40-60%RH dissipates electrostatic build-up and protects your home, residents, and furnishings from potential discharge thanks to a dramatic reduction in charge build-up.

5. Pure and Clean Air

When we breathe in dry air, it is more difficult to sufficiently uptake oxygen and transfer it to our blood streams. This can result in increased tiredness and fatigue, as well as reduced concentration. Combined with airborne dust and pollutants that thrive in dry air, you have a toxic living environment that can cause discomfort and make you incredibly ill. Regular sore throats, headaches and tired eyes are common symptoms, as well as premature contact lens discomfort and skin irritation. With the installation and operation of a residential humidifier, a home’s humidity can be accurately maintained at appropriate levels and effectively clean the air through moisture dispersal and dust binding. Those with breathing difficulties or illnesses such as Asthma will greatly benefit from a controlled atmosphere, and the installation of a hygrometer and humidistat can help to ascertain the conditions of each room in your home even more effectively, working much the same way as a thermostat.

With the clean, pure, and controlled hydration produced by a highly efficient residential humidifier such as those of Condair's RH Series, living comfortably and healthily has never been easier. It is the most effective and safest way of maintaining a dust-free environment made healthier by a consistently regulated relative humidity of 40-60%. Make your home a comfortable, safe and hypoallergenic place to live.

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