How to Improve Customer Experiences with Improved Air Quality

The customer is king, they say.

Well, in a sense, that’s not quite right. The supreme ruler over everything is really the quality of the air your customers breathe! This is a factor that can influence everything from their safety and wellness to the amount of time spent shopping and overall comfort. Today, let’s highlight how to improve customer experiences with better air quality with some key examples.

Comfort, Engagement, and Patience

Have you ever entered a store in a good, focused mood but found yourself getting lethargic or even bored? It’s likely their air quality wasn’t quite up to snuff. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time in a stuffy or dried-out store that irritates their skin and makes them feel tired, and it often doesn’t take long for such effects to set in. Proper humidity control with a commercial humidifier helps to minimize these effects by ensuring sufficient air moisture content, known as relative humidity (RH). Keep levels between 40 and 60 percent RH, and you just might notice more patient and positive customers (and workers).

Product Quality

If you sell delicate products such as hardwood flooring or fresh produce, keeping the relative humidity under control is essential to cutting down on product waste while keeping product quality as high as possible. If you’re wondering how to improve customer experiences with your business, ensuring they actually want to purchase what you’re offering is of critical importance. Sales strategies can only do so much – you need to enable your products to do the talking!

Worker Performance

If your employees are at ease, less likely to get sick (meaning reduced absenteeism) and more mentally engaged, they can better assist customers and deliver the ultimate experience. It also ensures that they’re happier and performing at their peak! With a high-efficiency commercial humidifier, you can help make it happen by reducing the presence of airborne aerosols containing infectious bacteria and ensuring sufficient hydration throughout every shift.


Selling computers or other products containing conductive materials? Make sure you don’t have to deal with electrostatic discharges – these low-humidity-influenced events aren’t merely uncomfortable and painful but also potentially damaging to some products. The safety of your customers and employees should always take priority, so a commercial humidifier ensuring a risk-minimized environment just makes sense!

Want other tips on how to improve customer experiences with your business? Whether your application is commercial or industrial, Condair can help with our wide selection of custom proper humidity control solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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