Humidity Control in Schools: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

    It’s back-to-school time! That means halls and classrooms will soon be filled with students ready for another year of learning and discovery. Children have the same needs as adults when it comes to comfortable, healthy surroundings. As students in preschools, daycares, elementary schools, and other educational facilities, they need environments that stimulate mental focus and protect them from infections. With products such as evaporative humidifiers for learning environments of all sizes, there’s always an ideal solution! Proper humidity control is crucial in this regard, as healthy bodies can foster healthy minds, helping our youth better develop essential skills and make the most of their time in classrooms. Today, let’s explore the benefits of regulated humidification in school environments.

    Reduced Airborne Infection Risk

    Children in schools with proper humidity control are better protected against various health risks, regardless of whether from a steam humidifier with evaporative cooling technology or another similar system. With the reach of germs and infectious bacteria reduced by weighing them down with sufficient air hydration, children are better protected from contracting airborne infections such as influenza. Considering how many students there are in close proximity to one another in a classroom, proper humidity control can safeguard against an infection moving through a student population, reducing absenteeism so children can get the very most out of their time in school.

    Mental Focus and Stimulation

    If your facility uses an evaporative humidifier or a similarly efficient system, you may notice an increase in academic competence amongst your student population. A child in a school with low or high humidity is going to be less productive and capable of focusing than one subjected to consistently balanced relative humidity (RH) levels. This is due to the fact that RH levels deviating from 40% to 60% can negatively impact mental focus and stimulation, stemming from the concentration of CO2 and moisture in the air. Temperature control comes into play here as well, as a school with evaporative cooling technology in addition to consistent humidification is better able to maintain a not-too-hot, not-too-cold atmosphere that won’t distract students from their work.

    More Energy and Comfort

    Students in facilities with proper humidity control in the form of a steam humidifier, evaporative cooling system or otherwise will be more alert, less drained mentally and physically, and far more comfortable. Low humidity creates drier conditions that can result in skin and eye irritation, irritability and less patience, stress, and other detractors of comfort. Children with more energy who feel comfortable will feel compelled to pay closer attention, behave better, and be genuinely interested in the subjects covered in classrooms.

    Proper humidity control is an essential aspect of any educational environment when it comes to maintaining student health, wellness, comfort, and mental stimulation. For more information about our evaporative humidifiers designed for various load capacities and facility sizes, contact us at Condair today! We’d be happy to help welcome your students back to a comfortable and inviting learning environment.

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