Summer is Here! How to Keep Your Workplace Comfortable and Cool

    It’s that time of year again — soaring temperatures, sunny days (mostly), and many an excited local making the most of the beautiful weather. But what about where you work? Are you finding the temperatures sweltering or the conditions too humid to stay focused or comfortable? If so, there are many ways to cool things down and feel better. Today, let’s explore some fundamental ways you can help ensure your workplace stays at the right temperature and relative humidity levels.

    Blackout Curtains

    If you don’t mind sacrificing some natural light for a cooler and more comfortable work area, blackout curtains are a great solution. Inexpensive and practical, they help to insulate a room and trap in cool air, preventing heat from sunlight from entering the building. This is also great if your employees are sensitive to light and need a slightly dimmer place to work and focus more efficiently.


    There are many different plants that help a workplace by creating their own oxygen, filter air, and keep the atmosphere in check indoors. Combined with other cooling solutions, they’ll surely enhance a workplace’s comfort, as humans naturally feel more relaxed and at ease when surrounded by natural vegetation.

    High-Efficiency Fans

    It’s not just about setting up a bunch of pedestal fans and calling it a day – you need to figure out the way air flows through your environment. Inspect your ventilation and spend some time understanding where your cool air comes from. Then, strategically install fans (temporary or permanent) that efficiently push cool air throughout the room or building. Ensure every employee’s workstation benefits from this strategy, and you’ll see excellent results. It’s also more affordable than operating an air conditioning system at lower temperatures.

    Less Coffee, More Water

    In environments such as offices, it’s hard to kick the habit of a cup of joe every hour. However, having coffee all day isn’t just hard on your teeth and nerves, but it also keeps your internal body temperature higher. Switching over to water is far healthier in the long term, as it filters toxins out of your system, hydrates your body sufficiently, and keeps you feeling refreshed and cooler.

    Install an Evaporative Cooling System

    Adiabatic cooling and evaporative cooling produce the best results possible for any work environment in need of enhanced comfort and coolness in the summer. They draw fresh air from outdoors and pull it through cooled water and a unique filtration system before introducing it free of toxins and at a comfortable temperature. They also help to provide sufficient hydration, making humidity control a breeze (literally) with these innovative systems. Evaporative cooling systems can be installed directly in the ducts of your air vents, making for a streamlined solution. Adiabatic cooling can drastically reduce energy bills in the long term, meaning you can rely less on air conditioning. Proper humidity control and evaporative cooling systems protect against skin dryness, eye irritation, electrostatic shocks, and much more.

    These are just a few ways you can make your workplace cool, comfortable, and a great place to be. For more information about adiabatic cooling solutions and proper humidity control, contact us at Condair today! We specialize in humidity control products for commercial and industrial environments.

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