New Water Pre-Treatment Systems Increase Efficiency and Minimizes Maintenance

Condair introduces the next generation in Water Pre-treatment Systems, utilizing the latest methods to remove contaminants and hard minerals from water. During this two-step process water is pushed through an activated carbon filter to eliminate the chlorine, and then treated with a duplex softening system removing contaminants and hardness caused by calcium and magnesium.

A “Water Pre-treatment System Replacement Program” has been designed for customers who have been using a Condair Water Pre-treatment System for its expected life span or longer. Condair service will provide a complimentary quote for a certified technician to inspect or upgrade a customer’s current system.

Why upgrade your water pre-treatment system?

  • Increased reliability and energy savings –Kinetic energy from the moving water is used rather than electric power.
  • Adds efficiency saving money – Countercurrent  and metered regeneration conserves water and reduces salt use.
  • Minimal maintenance and repairs – Corrosive resistant valves and tanks, with no back flushing of the carbon filter reduce the need for service.
  • Prolong the life of the system – Twin tank design allows for a continuous clean water supply even during regeneration.

The “Water Pre-treatment System Replacement Program” is the first service product to launch in a series of new service products slated for introduction. Condair is the leading manufacturer of commercial/industrial humidification and evaporative cooling systems for more than 40 years. We have the technology and application expertise to meet the needs of any application.

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