Humidity Control for Schools



This webinar will address the importance of humidity control in the pulp, paper, and corrugated cardboard industries.

25 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A

Humidity control plays a significant role in this industry, where the protection, preservation, and presentation of the product are all critical. Additionally, there has been a recent push towards environmental sustainability, leading to improved product quality and process efficiency. Proper humidity levels affect many areas of production including reducing electrostatic generation as well as shrinking, curling, and creasing of product.

Low humidity, below 50-55% is not acceptable for these processes. Label and paper printing, slitting, and rewinding processes will lose dimensional stability at low humidity, leading to costly problems to the manufacturers. Storage at low humidity can also pose a large problem. Adhesives, carton cardboard, and corrugated cardboard are all sensitive to ambient humidity. Low RH% can dry adhesives and carton board glue flaps. Dry air can also cause cracking on the external face of folds in thicker papers and cardboards.

This Condair webinar will include the following discussion topics:
• How to keep efficiency while reducing operational expenses and wastage.
• Low energy systems to reduce operating costs and improve ESG footprint.
• Facilities size vs humidification technologies – How to avoid environmental instability, while keeping running costs low.
• Expertise & case studies in North America
• Corporate Solutions