Save Money with Humidified Air

Humidification for Health and Comfort

People inside of any building will benefit from proper humidification, and the cost to humidify a building is easily offset by having occupants that are healthy, comfortable and productive.

Cost per sick day

Assume that the average salary plus benefits ranges between $45k to $70k per year.

The average lost salary per sick day is between $172 and $267, plus the loss in productivity.

Cost for humidification

Humidification load per person:

15 CFM/person ventilation

0°F - 50% RH conditioned to 72°F - 35% RH

0.45 lbs/hr x 2000 hrs = 900 lbs/year

Humidification cost per person:

Average capacity: 3 lbs/kWh

Average cost of electrical: $0.10 / kWh

900 ÷ 3 lbs/kw x $0.10 = $30.00/person per year ($0.08 per day)

Based on 120-150 sq. ft. of humidification per person.

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