Dehumidification and Drying Applications


Condair dehumidifiers and dryers help to improve productivity and quality

Condair dehumidfication and drying systems are helping to improve productivity, sustainability and health in many commercial and industrial applications throughout the World. Applications for dehumidifiers and dryers are exceptionally diverse. Removing excess humidity from the air can have very interesting and profitable consequences.

Please find the benefits of dehumidification and drying for your needs in this application section.


Dry air and humidity control for Ice Rinks and Curling Halls

When warm and humid summer air enters the colder inside of the ice rink or curling hall, condensation and formation of water …

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Dry Chemical and Pharmaceutical Production

The humidity level is very important in pharmaceutical industries. Wrong humidity in the production of pharmaceutical produc …

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Dry air and humidity control for Power and Water plants

Ground water and lake temperatures are often much lower than air dewpoints, which can result in condensation on the outside …

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