Industrial & commercial humidifier installation for every application

As an integral part of Condair’s decades of dedication towards innovation and user-friendliness, Condair has developed a suite of powerful and intuitive systems that can be installed and in operational order in little to no time. Our humidifiers and evaporative cooling systems have been helping improve productivity and health in many commercial and industrial applications throughout the world for over 40 years, and we’ve taken our years of experience and applied it to benefit the installation of these products. With the help of our dedicated team of specialists, any Condair humidifier can be set up for years of easy-to-maintain and highly efficient operation.

Our humidifiers are well-suited to a dynamic range of operating environments including offices, factory floors, workshops, paint rooms, chemical storage facilities, data centres and storage facilities, just to name a select few. Easy to install and maintain with the assistance of a certified Condair technician, they can make any industrial or commercial environment more hygienic, healthier and more positive through the introduction of clear air with no free-radical influences or imbalanced hydration.

Below are some key pieces of information pertaining to a successful Condair humidifier installation. Whether you’re new to our ways and these cutting-edge systems or not, you’ll find plenty of helpful advice here to help guide you – and your humidifier – in the right direction with information as clear as the air you’ll soon breathe.

Condair Knows Your Equipment Best...

You have chosen the best humidifier brand in the industry, now keep your system running at peak performance by servicing it regularly with a Condair factory trained technician.

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Replacement Cylinders for you Humidifier

This ease of cleaning and cylinder replacement is one of the main features that helps reduce customer maintenance costs.

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Clean Water In, Clean Humidification Out

Whether in an office, hospital, or warehouse, it is important to maintain relative humidity levels of between 40-60% to minimize bacteria growth that can result in unhealthy environments. Condair’s humidification products operate to create thoroughly hygienic conditions, incorporating best water treatment practices.

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Buy Condair Parts Direct

Condair humidifier parts are now available for purchase direct from the factory.

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