Condair Delta Spa 

The Delta Spa enables users to control every component required to operate a steam bath via one device. Components such as Steam Generators, Lights, Fragrance Pumps, Supply, and Exhaust Fans, and more. 

Condair understands that individuals are unique. This is why every steam bath can be tailored to each individuals' preferences via a modern touch display user interface. It even allows individuals to simultaneously control both a steam bath and sauna cabin completely independent of each other. 

Features and benefits

  • Easy switch between steam bath and sauna on the display. 
  • Flexible number of displays, one for both cabins or one for each cabin. 
  • External touch display. 
  • Keepwarm function saves energy. 
  • The display can even be customized to include the individual's logo and company details on the touchscreen interface. 

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