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Leading Humidification Innovation... Once Again

Condair's GS Series Condensing High-Efficiency Humidifier

The Condair GS gas-powered steam humidification system is the industry’s first fully condensing and efficiency-leading humidifier.

With over two decades of experience in manufacturing gas-fired humidifiers, Condair always strives to build on past inventions to create new and true innovation that embraces design and functionality. The latest GS series highlights every single one of Condair’s high priority objectives and customer values while incorporating them all into our most efficient series so far!

Combining eco friendliness with cutting edge technology.

The continuously rising costs associated with electrical power have created an ever growing demand for gas-fired technology which provides a very cost effective and environmentally friendly option with regards to humidification.

For these reasons, Condair has been striving to develop a new gas-fired humidifier which uses the more economical natural gas and which also operates under the high-efficiency classification.

Condair is proud to present to you: the GS Condensing System (CS) model which provides substantial condensing efficiency with an average of over 90%. 

Another available option from our GS Series is the Low-Emissions (NX) model which was created to exactly meet California’s emission regulations. The GS presents a high value model due to the ease in both operation and installation while guaranteeing a fast payback for High-Efficiency upgrades.

Patent Pending

Installation Savings

The most noticeable saving when installing a new GS series will certainly be the use of a CPVC venting option. As a perfect alternate option to stainless steel venting, the CPVC is incorporated in both the CS and NX models supporting the reduction of exhaust temperatures of 140°F/60°C.

This results not only in easier operations but also allows for reduced time in pay back periods due to installation costs being greatly reduced as well.

Benefits of Gas-Fired Humidifier Technology

• True condensing high-efficiency
• Packaged design for easy installation
• Hygienic steam production from boiling
• Compact footprint and mounting option
• Large cleanout port for easy maintenance
• Runs with any water type: potable, DI, RO
• Intuitive touchscreen control
• Standard BMS integration
• Heat Treated 316 S.S. heat exchanger
• Programmable automatic blowdowns 

Where Can You Use The GS Series?

You can rest assured that Condair's GS Series humidifier addresses all humidification needs of commercial offices, schools, libraries, museums, art galleries, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, hospitals, printing plants and many more - just to name a few of the most popular applications.

Condair's GS Series humidifiers has been at the forefront of long-lasting, reliable gas humidifiers for decades and is continuing to lead industry innovation!


  • New heat exchanger design - smooth, well spaced madrel design for easy cleaning.
  • Automatic Blow Downs - Programmable automatic tank blow down breaks up scale and refreshes water in the unit, reducing scale build up.

  • Largest Possible Cleanout Port - No lips and the largest possible view of the tank allow for simplified and more efficient maintenance.

  • Sharp Corner Reduction - The new tank design has been rounded out to make the corners more accessible to clean out scale deposits.

  • 316 S.S. Heat Exchanger - Stainless steel, heat treated heat exchanger.

  • Sacrificial Anode - A replaceable sacrificial anode is located in the tank on the door, reducing corrosion to the tank and increasing humidifier life cycle.

  • Mandrel Style Heat Exchanger - New mandrel bent tube design reduces welds and makes for easy scale maintenance.

  • Patent Pending

It's the Right Thing 
to Do!

Condair's GS Series Humidifiers are ideal for many applications including: