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Watch our video about the ME Series Induct evaporative humidifier and cooler.

ME Series 

ME Series for Evaporative Industrial and Commercial Humidification

The Condair ME humidifier is the ultimate low-energy humidity control asset and the world’s number one evaporative humidification system.

This powerhouse can produce up to 2204 lbs/hr (1,000 kg/hr) of humidification and 630kW of evaporative cooling through just one single unit while running on not more than 0.3kW of electricity.

Not only is the Condair ME Series economic to use and effortless to maintain, it is also a customer favorite because of its industry-transforming service functions, which include the latest in hygiene technology.

A patented self-contained hydraulic unit that supplies water to the top of the evaporative module can be located either inside or outside the duct. Exterior mounting enables the majority of service work to be carried out without having to shut down and enter the air handling unit.

Unlike others, the Condair ME powers off up to five minimal energy 32W pumps rather than just one large pump, which enables a proportional energy input to output and creates up to five-stage control as standard.

The Condair ME was specially engineered with ease of access and user friendliness in mind, incorporating a touch-screen control panel and an intuitive interface. This enables for software-based commissioning and includes fully detailed operational, servicing and fault displays. It can also connect to BMS, and USB connectivity is supported as well for software updates and history report downloads.

One of the standout features of this sophisticated yet competitively priced series of systems is its hygienic operability – in fact, the Condair ME is one of the most hygienic humidifiers available on the market. The risk of microbial inhalation is mitigated and virtually eliminated thanks to its aerosol-free in-duct humidity control. Water in the system is never left to stagnate due to the ME Series utilizing controlled flush and drainage cycles, which themselves can be configured for maximum water efficiency and consumption reduction with the installation of optional sensors.

Additionally, the drain tray of the evaporative module can easily be fitted with a submerged UV water treatment unit. This helps to kill micro-organisms in the reservoir, and it is most effective when used on a supply line since water passing through it would already have been exposed to contaminants in the airstream.

Whether you are looking for direct or indirect evaporative cooling, we at Condair have the solution that will not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations. The Condair ME Series is renowned for their hygienic operational standards, reliability, user-friendliness and easy maintainability.

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Watch our video about the Benefits of Condair's ME Series evaporative humidifier and cooler.

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Watch our video about why you should choose the Condair ME Series evaporative humidifier and cooler.

Innovative & patented features of the ME Series evaporative humidifier

Self-contained hydraulic unit

Self-contained hydraulic unit

Mounting inside or outside of the duct to reduce AHU downtime for servicing.

Multiple low energy pumps

Multiple low energy pumps

Up to five stage control as standard and proportional energy use to output.

Pump assisted drain

Humidifier Pump assisted drain

Decreases service requirement and improves humidity control.

In-tank UV purification

In-tank UV purification

Reduces microbial growth for improved hygiene and reduced maintenance.

Touch screen control panel

Humidifier Touch screen control panel

Latest technology for improved user operation and reporting.

Designed for the user

Humidifier that is Designed for the user

Push-fit connections, finger release screws and easy access for simpler servicing.

Recent humidification / evaporative cooling projects

Why Choose the ME Series?

  • High humidification & cooling duties from a single unit
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Instant evaporation requiring very short section length
  • In-duct or externally mounted hydraulic unit
  • Up to five stage control as standard
  • Advanced touch screen control panel

Condair's ME Series Humidifiers are ideal for many applications including: 

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