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Why Humidify... For Yoga Studios

The perfect balance of warmth and humidity

We’ve worked with enough yoga studios to know how important it is to balance heat and humidity for an optimal yoga environment.  A lack of humidity is probably the biggest cause of student complaints, yet, many studios continue to use basic floor units that simply can’t meet the demands of hot yoga rooms especially.

These dry, uncomfortable conditions can have a negative impact on repeat business. Is your studio suffering from too little humidity?

Create the optimal yoga experience today!

After the installation of a Condair humidifier in your yoga studio, you will notice the difference almost immediately. Ideal for changing environments like the studio, where every student’s body generates heat and moisture, Condair humidifiers respond quickly to these changes while maintaining the relative humidity set point.

This helps students' muscles to relax so they can practice, injury-free.

Consistent, reliable humidity leads to repeat business

For some of our clients, just having a system they can rely on makes all the difference. Condair clients report fewer breakdowns and maintenance issues with our humidifiers, known for their superior quality and customer service.

They also love the fact they can turn the Condair unit on just 30 minutes before a class to get the room to the right humidity level.

Whether your students are beginner-level or advanced, providing them the optimum level of humidity and comfortable conditions is key to ensuring that they continue to come back week after week.

Benefits of humidity for yoga studios include: 

  • Reduces airborne bacteria, viruses, and fungi emission rates.
  • Weighs down biological aerosols, so that they can be disinfected and wiped off surfaces.
  • Minimizes discomfort from dry and irritated skin. 
  • Improves customer satisfaction, while providing an ROI for building owners. 

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