LS Series Pressure Steam Humidifier

Humidifiers designed to deliver reliable humidity from facility steam boilers.

The Nortec LS Series pressure steam humidifiers deliver reliable humidity from the facility steam boiler for duct or air handler application. With distributors constructed of premium quality 304 stainless steel, the LS Series features Condair’s tube in tube design for efficient operation.

LS Series distributors are available in a wide variety of lengths ranging from 12" to 144" to suit your duct size for the best possible steam dispersion. Multi-tube units are also available.

In hospitals, universities, museums, galleries, and other facilities, boiler steam humidification is a tried and true way to achieve reliable humidity control.

    Features and benefits

    • Available single or multiple tube configurations (Nortec AS Series)
    • Available with short absorption distributors (Nortec AM Series)
    • Economical and cost effective system to meet high humidity requirements
    • Delivers precise humidity control
    • Steam jacketed dispersion tubes to prevent "spitting"
    • Available tube insulation for increased efficiency
    • Suitable for boilers operating on DI, RO or potable water
    • Available pneumatic or electric controls

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