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Why Humidify... For Schools

Students and teachers spend the majority of their school day inside, making indoor air quality, including correct temperature and humidity levels, critical to personal health and comfort.

Without precise humidification management, school facilities that are air conditioned during the summer and heated in the winter are likely to struggle with sub-optimal humidity in the long run.

Continuous exposure to a humidity level below 40% RH will negatively affect the comfort and health of school staff and students. A high absence rate and decrease in productivity are common results.

When the humidity in schools is outside of optimal range of 40-60% RH the most commonly known first effect of dry air is electrostatic shock. Further, less apparent symptoms can include itchy skin, sore eyes and sinuses, contact lens discomfort, dull hair, and increasing dehydration.

Maintaining optimal humidity levels, however, is proven to prevent these effects and furthermore decrease the danger of airborne viruses, such as influenza, transmitting in classrooms and office environments.

Benefits of Condair humidification in school environments include:

  • Incomparable industry know-how in global educational facilities.
  • Wide range of services to individually meet clients' technical recquirements.
  • Low energy solutions to minimize upkeep costs while increasing air quality.
  • Easy maintenance
  • All inclusive support from expert advice, design, supply, installation, and commissioning to maintenance and spares supply.
  • Overall staff and student productivity and health improvement. 
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