Humidified medical device manufacturing environment

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Why Humidify... For Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturing takes place in clean room environments with strict requirements for atmospheric control.

Cleanrooms with rigorous regulations for atmospheric control facilitate medical device manufacturing and assembly to ensure high quality standards. Considering the generally very complex production processes required, in most cases standard heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment cannot provide a stable and precise enough outcome to create the environment necessary for successful product design.

Due to constant industry research and comparisons of different conditions to optimize Condair’s products and services constantly, we have been able to help manufacturers improve their yields on products such as stents, sutures, blood glucose sensors and medical dressings.

The reasons humidification control is needed in these environments vary. Some materials used in the process may be moisture sensitive and therefore any slight change in moisture content would ultimately affect their composition. The result could be a dimensional change, a chemical imbalance or simply a drying of an aqueous based element. 

Optimizing humidification in a production facility decreases static and can be used to eliminate dust and airborne particles. It is also used as an activating agent. For instance, ethylene oxide can be used as a sterilizing agent but only becomes active at 70%RH or above.

Benefits of Condair humidification in medical device industry include:

  • Extensive expertise around the world with many medical device applications.
  • Optimized production processes and minimized waste.
  • Expertise to develop innovative custom solutions for individual processes.
  • Energy efficient systems to reduce operating costs and advance humidification management.
  • Easy maintenance solutions to simplify ongoing maintenance needs.
  • Extensive service including expert advice, design, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and spares supply.
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