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Why Humidify... For Call Centers


With balanced relative humidity (RH) levels, call centers become safer and healthier places to be. Not only are sensitive pieces of equipment and electronics protected, but so are the individuals working with them. In such an environment where efficiency and consistent performance are crucial, it is imperative that proper humidification is incorporated.

Safeguard Against ESD Risks

When RH levels are too low, surfaces can collect static electricity and discharge it when contact is made with an individual or another object. By maintaining a relative humidity level (RH) of 40-60% the moisture content of the air serves as a natural conductor which results in potential static charge to be earthed.

Protect Against Damage to Equipment

Having RH levels too high will introduce excessive moisture to the environment, raising the risk of short-circuiting systems and wires (this is due to corrosion on electronics exposing component, which can lead to fires. Low RH can produce conditions that are too dry, encouraging static shock, wire fraying and damage to fragile components. Minimize expenses related to replacing shorted-out or damaged equipment with proper humidification.

Keep Employees Efficient, Healthy and Comfortable

When call centers are consistently humidified for balanced RH conditions, inhabitants are less susceptible to health risks and discomfort. Influenza and other bacterial particles spend less time airborne under proper humidity conditions, making it more difficult for infections and illnesses to spread. This is crucial in environments such as call centers where large numbers of individuals work together in close proximity and interact with each other on a regular basis. Possibility of skin and eye irritation is also reduced due to properly conditioned inside air environments. Additionally, call centers with proper humidification will experienced greater workplace efficiency and performance through reduced absenteeism and greater employee comfort.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Condair’s humidifiers offer unprecedented energy efficiency and, with evaporative cooling, greater savings on cooling loads for applications that have excess heat. By humidifying call centers accordingly, it will be easier to save on cooling in an electronics rich environment with excess heat gains

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