Condair Control Technology For Smooth Control of Every Humidifier Application

Our customers deserve highly efficient, reliable humidification systems that offer simplistic controls. This is why we at Condair have designed highly accurate control systems that perfectly complement our products. Designed to provide clear information regarding humidifiers and their operating conditions, they allow for users to quickly input preferred functions and maintain system operations. We can supply control technology suited for any type of humidity application including residential, commercial and industrial environments.


On/Off Controls

Condair on/off humidification controls are the backbone of our controls offering. Most commonly used for safety, Condair is proud to readily provide air-proving and high-limit controls ensuring your humidifier never over saturates your duct or air handling unit. To elevate energy efficiency and guarantee absolute safety, the on/off controls include outdoor temperature setback functions and a relay for furnace/circulation fan management which is up to ±2.5% RH accurate. For in-space humidification control, Condair offers a duct-mounted on/off digital humidistat as well as a wall-mounted on/off digital humidistat. Both of these intuitive devices feature innovative built-in sensors, a keypad for easy adjusting set points, a subtle yet high-resolution backlit LCD display, and boast an accuracy of ±2.5%.


Modulating Controls

Modulating controls are our most commonly used control devices for in-space humidification systems. These controls can be set up to provide demand or transducer signal to your Condair humidifier and hold in-space conditions in a ±2.5% range. Our modulating controls come as either a wall-mounted or duct-mounted controller. Additionally, our duct-mounted modulating controller can be used as a modulating high-limit. This allows more precise control of your humidifier, perfect for use with VAV systems.


Condair Integrated Controller (IC)

Condair’s integrated controller is a backlit LCD touch screen controller built into our units. The controller allows for easy parameter adjustment, onscreen troubleshooting and extensive error reporting. The IC can also communicate with building management systems via BACnet IP or MSTP, Modbus or LonWorks.

Other Condair humidifier technologies