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Why Humidify... For Life Sciences

Proper humidity control is essential towards maximizing productivity, efficiency and avoiding waste.


The life sciences industry includes medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that typically have high quality indoor air standards.  Proper humidity control is essential towards maximizing productivity, efficiency and avoiding waste. Energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption continue to become more important in facility management. Newer technologies have emerged as excellent solutions that can provide both, proper air humidification and energy efficiency.

We should consider the necessary reasons for humidification in life sciences production applications:

Maximize Infection Control

Bacteria and dust spends the least amount of time airborne in environments with relative humidity levels between 40% and 60%. This means that infectious pathogens and illnesses such as influenza are more difficult to transmit from person to person, maximizing infection control by limiting potential hosts to contagious health issues. With proper humidity control, any life sciences facility can benefit from reduced risk of airborne transmission from dust, bacteria or other particles.

Consistent and Tightly Regulated Air Quality

Properly humidified air that possesses balanced moisture levels is easier to breathe, whereas excessively moist air is heavier and can lead to breathing-related issues. In life sciences facilities such as hospitals, clean and regulated air quality is  integral in regard to helping patients recover more healthily and speedily. 

Areas such as laboratories benefit from experimental data not being adversely influenced by a lack of air control, as dry or overly moist conditions could alter bacterial behaviour and put projects at risk of inconsistencies. HVAC systems will run more efficiently and a decrease in energy consumption is essentially guaranteed under properly humidified conditions so that animals are kept calm and safe. Additionally, their owners and clinic employees need to be able to interact with the animals safely both as a means of support and to perform procedures that may require delicate care.

Eliminate Electro Static Discharge (ESD)

Electro Static Discharge is much more than just an annoyance for employees. ESD can affect sensitive chemicals, equipment and electronics and damage them, as well as travel through humans and animals. Proper humidity control that prevents conditions from being too moist or dry will minimize the potentialities of ESD occurring.  

Reduced Employee Absenteeism, increased Effficiency

It’s important that there are enough employees available to meet the needs of patients and/or the demands of the life sciences industry. With proper humidity control minimizing airborne infection potentialities, employee absenteeism due to illness will be reduced. This will assist in lowering operating costs and increase workplace efficiency.

Benefits of Condair humidification in life sciences

  • Consistently clean and pure air quality.
  • Protect experimental data from invasive bacteria.
  • Reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and reduce operating costs.
  • Limit disease transmission and maximize infection control.
  • Dust and electrostatic discharge (ESD) suppression.
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