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Why Humidify... For Cheese Curing (Ripening or Ageing)

When it comes to cheese curing applications, proper humidity control is crucial.


Most cheeses need a warm, moist environment with proper air circulation and a controlled climate. Other ingredients from salt, yeast, enzymes and bacteria greatly affect the cheese ripening process. The aging process will also benefit from consistently balanced relative humidity (RH).

Optimal Temperature and Air Moisture

Generally, most cheeses require a higher RH level of around 60% to 95%, and a temperature range of between 50-55° Fahrenheit. For cold storage RH should be around 60-65%. Proper humidification will ensure that cheeses cured in an environment will age and retain moisture to create the desired cheese. Condair’s humidifiers are designed to provide consistently balanced moisture making it easier than ever to cure any variety of cheese of all sizes. This enables the delivery of products that are ripened as needed, leading to satisfied customers and stronger sales.   

Perfect Humidity and a Dash of Cooling

Condair’s adiabatic line of humidifiers from spray nozzle systems, misting technology, to evaporative media can provide the exact humidity for your cheese ripening needs as well as cool the surrounding environment. This means that you use less energy than a standard steam humidifier, but you also have the added advantage of dropping the surrounding temperature. The result is a cheese ripening process that utilizes less energy from refrigeration, which leads to more money saved in cooling costs.

Quality Control and Visual Appeal

When purchasing cheese, we rely on judgment according to the visual appeal of the product in ensuring its quality. One can normally tell when it is overly aged or not up to standards if they have a preconceived notion of what to expect. The correct humidifier provides optimal humidity levels to keep product quality. Regardless of whether for cool storage or curing, Condair has the ideal humidifier for all cheese curing applications and environments.

Benefits of humidification for cheese curing / ageing include: 

  • Minimizes product and ingredient spoilage/waste. 
  • Maintain quality control standards.
  • Consistent RH leads to regulated aging. 
  • Save energy on cooling costs due to adiabatic (high pressure spray or misting systems.)

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