Condair's MC Series 

Humidification and cooling with reliable hygiene control and quality construction

The Condair MC Series consists of an evaporative module and hydraulic unit, which sits inside the AHU, and a control panel located outside.

The evaporative module is a wall of corrugated glass fiber media cassettes, with stainless steel frames, through which the air flows.

The hydraulic unit pumps water to the top of the evaporative module to wet the glass fiber media and humidify the air flowing through them.

A single unit of the MC Series humidifier/cooler can provide up to 793lbs/hr (360kg/h) of humidity and approximately 245kW/h of adiabatic cooling to an air handling unit, while operating on <0.15kW of electricity.

With many innovative hygiene, installation, and operational features, it is an ideal solution for evaporative cooling or humidification in AHUs.

Features and benefits

  • Resolves demanding OEM needs by providing efficient humidification and cooling, reducing building energy usage.
  • Hygiene features include automated flush and drain cycles, antimicrobial impregnated glass fiber media and optional submerged UV water treatment.
  • High quality evaporative cassette construction with 304 stainless steel frames.
  • Low energy, long-life pumps with magnetic impellors have frictionless motion, virtually silent operation and an extremely long service lifetime.
  • Up to three stages of control as standard.

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