Condair's Service Team Knows Your Humidifier Equipment Best...

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Service for you Nortec Humidifier

You have chosen the best humidifier brand in the industry, now keep your system running at peak performance by servicing it regularly with a Condair factory trained technician.


We have the expertise to provide complete service for the life of your humidification system.


From initial design and engineering through comprehensive installation, startup and on-going maintenance and repairs, Condair has you covered.Image

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to maintain and care for our products, and certify your system’s quality and reliability year after year.


There are two comprehensive service agreements available to give you piece of mind with a hands-off approach

ImageImagePreventive Maintenance Service Agreement

Our preventive maintenance service agreement provides full-service care and upkeep performed by our specially trained Condair certified technicians. It includes top to bottom inspection and maintenance of your humidification system, as well as complete maintenance and operational training for your on-site staff.


Total Care Service Agreement

Our total care service agreement provides the highest levels of service and support, protecting your investment. It guarantees a complete system review twice a year, and the replacement of any necessary parts. All work is performed by our certified technicians, so you can have confidence in knowing the job is being done right and your on-site staff is receiving relevant instruction.ImageImageImageImageImage


Service Agreement Features and benefits

  • Bactiquant®-Water on-site testing – Ensure proper water quality during the humidification process.

  • Water Pre-treatment – Function test and cleaning. 

  • Reverse Osmosis System – Output performance test, filter replacement, system disinfection, and UV light replacement (as needed).

  • High Pressure Pump – Filter replacement, test of safety features, UV light, disinfection of pump, pressure regulator adjustment, and solenoid valves rebuild (as needed).

  • Controllers – Function test, parameter check, and inspection. 

  • Humidification Heads – Function test and inspection.

  • Humidification & Max Limit Sensors - Function test, calibration, and cleaning.