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Why Humidify... For Convention Centers and Event Spaces


When hundreds or even thousands of people gather in a space such as a conference center without proper humidity control, relative humidity (RH) levels and temperatures can fluctuate, causing discomfort and potentially creating unhealthy indoor air conditions. In such spaces where the attention and interest of visitors play an integral role, proper humidification is an absolute necessity.

Consistent Air Hydration

With humidification systems such as Condair’s humidifiers, conference centers benefit from a consistent and correctly humidified environment. Consistent humidification allows for the maintenance of stable RH levels, eliminating overly moist or dry conditions, and encourages an environment free of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Condair has a complete range of humidifier capacities to meet the needs of conference centers of varying occupancy levels.

A Healthy and Comfortable Environment

Ensuring particles and contagions remain airborne for as little time as possible is crucial to minimizing the spread of illnesses and infections; especially when it comes to large occupancy areas. 

With proper humidification, conference centers can make it easier to keep visitors and staff healthy by limiting the spread of airborne contaminants. Additionally, by maintaining balanced RH levels, the irritation, discomfort and health risks presented by overly dry or moist conditions can be avoided. Visitors who are comfortable in the environment will be able to focus more effectively, making it easier for presenters to keep audiences engaged.

Greater Energy Efficiency and Cooling Load Savings

Humidifying large spaces such as conference centers with Condair allows for incredible energy efficiency, as larger systems are specifically designed to provide maximum performance and output while consuming as little energy as possible. Additionally, Condair offers evaporative cooling solutions that combine humidification with the benefits of evaporative cooling, which helps to not only keep spaces consistently humidified and comfortable for occupants, but saves on cooling loads.. Conference centers can therefore save on energy bills and cooling loads by mitigating the use of expensive air conditioning systems.

Benefits of Condair humidification in convention centers: 

  • Greater energy efficiency and cooling load rebates. 
  • Minimize spread of bacteria and illness. 
  • Maintain comfortable, efficiency moisturized conditions. 
  • Greater attendee engagement resulting from enhanced comfort and wellness. 
  • Mitigate ESD risk. 

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