Video: How does a Desiccant or Adsorption Dryer work?

Desiccant Dehumidifier

Condair DA Series

Condair DA desiccant dryers are designed to be used especially when an extremely low relative humidity of 10 - 20% RH is needed, such as in industrial drying processes, or where there are very low temperatures to deal with. 

The devices’ powerful sorption rotors mean that they can be used to bring humidity values down to a minimum at temperatures as low as  -22°F (-30°C).

Standard designs have drying capacities of  7lbs/h – 40lbs/h (0.45 kg/h –182 kg/h).

Desiccant rotors often require pre and post heating or cooling modules. To accommodate this, Condair designed our unit to have flat, easily connectable side panels. Post cooling in particular is often necessary due to the heat given off by the dry air, and should be taken into account early in the planning process. Our agents are happy to work with you for a solution that fits your needs.

The sorption rotor used in Condair desiccant dryers is silicone-free. The drying agent is neither respirable nor flammable.


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