Remember to Check Your Humidifier Cylinders Regularly!

Electrode steam technology is a very popular choice when it comes to humidification. Condair’s humidifiers are the easiest to install and maintain effortlessly which makes them the leading choice of humidifiers in the world. Changing a humidity cylinder doesn’t have to be a dreadful task. Condair cylinders are quick and easy to replace and clean. Watch this instructional video to find out how to do it in no time!


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Over forty years ago, Condair identified the need for a humidifier design that would end the time-consuming and costly maintenance required by competitive humidifiers. The main challenge to solve was an easy removal of the minerals that typically are left behind when water is boiled. At the same time, a humidifier was required to create clean steam and sustain long-term efficient operation. The Condair electrode steam humidifier, with disposable cylinder, meets all of the above criteria and was perfected by Condair over the past forty years with a high priority on maintenance ease for our clients. 

As clean steam is produced, the in-steam cylinder minerals are removed in intervals and through an automatic drain system. Condair’s patented auto-adaptive control system is designed to produce 100% of rated output capacity until the very end of a functioning cylinder life is reached. Once a cylinder is no longer functioning it is effortlessly removed and replaced with a new powerful, clean cylinder. While other humidifiers require complete disassembly for cleaning and the use of hazardous cleaning substances to fully remove the minerals, the replacement of a cylinder in a Condair humidifier is a matter of a few quick minutes. Since the cylinders are produced of inert plastics and retain only the water borne minerals, disposal problems are minimal.

This ease of cleaning and cylinder replacement is one of the main features that helps reduce customer maintenance costs. It allows optimum service from the humidifier and keeps the time required for maintenance to a minimum.

Replacement cylinders can be ordered directly from or your local agent.

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