Luxury Window and Door Manufacturer uses Condair DR Series Humidifiers to Produce Flawless Products

Precisely, easily managed humidity control opens the door to numerous benefits

for luxury manufacturer Fenêtres MQ.


Founded in 1975, Fenêtres MQ has built a reputation for creating luxury custom engineered windows and doors for the most demanding criteria. Their manufacturing facility in Ste-Agathe, Quebec, sources exceptional materials that requires a precise environment to maintain the final product quality expected by their customers. 

Claude  Ménard, the president of Mécanique du bâtiment MC2 was the mechanical contractor that initiated conversations with Fenêtres MQ to look at the manufacturing challenges they needed to overcome and what solutions would be best when it come to their indoor air quality. 

“Fenêtres MQ was in need of maintaining their indoor relative humidity between 40-45% RH in order to prevent the wood used in their products from splitting”, explained Mr. Ménard.

MC2 worked closely with Fenêtres MQ to find a  reliable solution to maintain the required humidity levels and to solve some of the challenges their facility had.  A section of the manufacturing facility of Fenêtres MQ in Ste-Agathe is newer but other areas of the original 50 year old structure includes extremely low ceiling heights which can be a challenge when looking for the perfect humidification solution. Fenêtres MQ was also looking for a humidification solution that could offer an energy efficient cooling effect for areas of their facility that were causing discomfort due to elevated temperatures.


The facility already had a direct water injected humidification system which became insufficient with the installation of a new outdoor air compensation system.  

After careful consideration and consulting with HVAC distributor Qualite Air Totale (QAT), a Condair ML Series, Direct Room Humidification system was selected installed. 

The ML Series system is comprised of a high pressure pumpstation and ML Princess ceiling mounted high pressure humidifiers. The ML Princess units are  ideal for use in production areas, warehouses and fit  well into spaces with low ceiling heights such as the Fenêtres MQ manufacturing space. The ML Princess  humidifier has an integrated fan that distributes the humidification mist uniformly in a 360-degree fashion.

The new humidification system, by Condair, effectively and accurately maintains the desired humidity level.

Oliver Rochon, Manager

Fenêtres MQ


The system has only been running for a short time but already the results are being felt.

“So far, the new humidification system effectivity and accurately maintains the desired humidity level”, said Oliver Rochon, a Manager at Fenêtres MQ. 

Mr. Ménard added, “I am glad to see how well the volume of water injected in the ambient air by the humidification system (capacity of 450 lbs/hr) is absorbed. The humidity level is excellent.”

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