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Why Humidify... For Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary clinics depend on being clean, breathable environments to encourage not just animal health and welfare, but that of their owners and all on-site employees.

Airborne Allergen Suppression

Dog and cat hair allergies are commonplace amongst humans, and veterinary clinics are rich with airborne particles that can cause unwanted reactions that could be both irritating and/or dangerous to the health of individuals. Proper humidity can increase air quality by limiting the amount of time these particles can spend airborne, causing them to fall and settle. This makes veterinary clinics easier to keep clean and more comfortable for visitors as well as employees.

Limit Disease Transmission and Maximize Infection Control

Like dust and allergens, infectious bacteria can easily travel through the air in environments without regulated humidity control. 

With a balanced relative humidity of 40% to 60%, airborne disease and illness transmission is minimized, and it will be easier to manage contagious situations among humans and animals to encourage sanitary operating conditions and examinations.

Reduce Risk of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

With veterinary clinics, it is important to prevent electrostatic discharges from occurring so that animals are kept calm and safe. Additionally, their owners and clinic employees need to be able to interact with the animals safely both as a means of support and to perform procedures that may require delicate care. ESD can affect sensitive equipment such as electronics and damage them, as well as travel through humans and animals. Proper humidity control that prevents conditions from being too moist or dry will minimize the potentialities of ESD occurring.   

Benefits of Condair humidification in veterinary clinics

  • Reduce airborne allergen spread.
  • Minimize airborne bacterial infections.
  • Maintain sanitary and clean operating environments.
  • Protect humans, animals and equipment from ESD.
  • Duct suppression.

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