Clean Water In, Clean Humidification Out

Why Humidify… For Hygienic Purposes

Whether in an office, hospital, or warehouse, it is important to maintain relative humidity levels of between 40-60% to minimize bacteria growth that can result in unhealthy environments. Condair’s humidification products operate to create thoroughly hygienic conditions, incorporating best water treatment practices.


Ensure Healthy Interior Conditions

Maintaining optimal relative humidity levels will protect individuals interacting with the space in question from various ailments and adverse health effects. Low humidity can cause skin, sinus and eye irritation as well as dryness with a greater potential for transferrable infections, while humidity that is too high will make air overly moist, facilitating the spread of mold spores and influenza.


Reduce Absenteeism and Encourage Greater Efficiency

When environments are made more hygienic through proper humidification, individuals will be less susceptible to an array of conditions and illnesses normally contracted via airborne infection. This is because proper relative humidity keeps airborne particles airborne for the least amount of time while minimizing bacterial growth. As a result, absenteeism is reduced and workplace efficiency is vastly improved.


Clean Water In, Clean Humidification Out

Humidifiers are designed to add clean moisture into an environment, and through this process the cleanliness of supplied water plays an integral role. Condair’s humidifiers utilize flush cycles and UV lighting to keep water efficiently cycled and sterilized, negating optimal bacteria growth conditions. This ensures that you have clean water going in and clean air coming out to make indoor conditions as sanitary as possible. Additionally, Condair’s team of knowledgeable experts perform water tests that can be carried out on humidification systems and directly from water sources. This dual-source process takes only 30 minutes, and it accurately reveals bacterial conditions in the water you use. By identifying the hygienic status of your equipment and water source, your well-being is safeguarded.


Benefits of humidification for hygienic purposes include:

  • Minimize airborne infection potentialities
  • Reduce absenteeism and enhance efficiency
  • Keep individuals healthy and comfortable
  • Maintain consistent air quality and relative humidity


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