RS-OC Outdoor Humidifier

The RS-OC is the most compact, easy to maintain and cost effective outdoor electric humidifier on the market. Many new outstanding improvements allow this product to be used in almost any application requiring reliable humidification. 

RS-OC humidifiers have been fully tested and approved for operation in a wide range of climates between -40˚F (-40˚C) and 104˚F (40˚C) to meet or exceed all competitors.  The heavy-duty weatherproof cabinetry has been certified to an IP54 rating (NEMA 3 equivalent) for reliability in almost all outdoor environments.

The integrated cabinetry of the RS-OC allows for the smallest footprint of any other outdoor humidifier on the market. All three cabinet sizes can fit through a standard doorway for easy maneuverability and occupy minimal floor space.

Installations of these new products are as easy as ever, requiring only a single electrical connection to the unit in addition to standard plumbing lines for supply and drain water. Internal drain water cooling allows for the unit to be installed directly to a drain line without the need for additional external cooling. 

RS Series - High Precision Electric Steam Humidification

Industrial Humidifier / Commercial Humidifier

The resistive element humidifier offers highest accuracy and performance for humidity critical applications.

When using the SSR option with a high precision humidistat, the RS-Series humidifier can be accurate to ±1% RH. The RS-Series humidifier is designed for use with potable or DI/RO water. For potable water applications, the unique scale collector tank option saves time and money during maintenance. The scale tank collects minerals and is easily removed for disposal of scale.

The Nortec RS-Series is the most advanced resistive steam commercial / industrial humidifier available. It’s high quality heating elements provide the most accurate humidity control available in the world.

Precise Humidification Control

All RS-Series humidifiers have an advanced controller with display for precise and efficient relative humidity control. The humidifier can be controlled by a humidistat, a relative humidity sensor or be connected to a central Building Management System (BMS) for maximum control flexibility.

The RS-Series humidifier’s controller provides readout and adjustment of all operating parameters. The humidifier will make service adjustments automatically or trigger a shutdown while displaying the function requiring operator attention.

Economic Humidifier

Nortec RS-Series humidifiers provide lower initial installation costs for the customer. Operating costs are also reduced through efficient steam conversion rates and minimal energy losses due to low hot water drain rates.

RS-Series humidifiers provide clean humidification, reducing air-borne contaminants and subsequent health-related employee absenteeism. Correct interior humidity levels in winter maintain comfort at lower temperatures and can reduce heating costs.

RS-Series self-diagnostics confirm optimal operational efficiency and reduce servicing costs.


  • Precise RS tolerances for humidity critical applications

  • User-friendly touchscreen controller

  • Standard building automation support with integrated BACnet (IP Master/Slave and MSTP Salve) as well as MODBUS.

  • USB port to download trending data, as well as to perform software updates

  • Scale collector tank to make minor maintenance quick and easy

Nortec's RS Series Humidifiers are ideal for many applications including: