Humidity control for greenhouses

The Condair Cube is a unique, mobile air quality monitoring device, that measures the CO₂, Air Humidity and Temperature levels.

Keep your indoor air quality always in the green and breathe healthy air thanks to the Condair Cube!  This high-quality and handy device helps you stay healthy indoors.

Condair Cube: the air quality monitoring device

The Condair Cube has high-quality sensors that quickly and precisely measure the air quality everywhere: at home, work, in a restaurant, in the gym or even in the car. Watch this short video to learn more.


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One glance is enough to monitor the indoors air - this is the first step to prevention. 

Observe the traffic light colors of the Condair Cube to find out the current levels simply and quickly. 
Yellow means take action: 
Ventilate, so that the CO₂ level drops and so the aerosol concentration in the room decreases. 
Humidify the air for protection against pathogens.
    The traffic light system of the Condair Cube is based on guideline values derived from international scientific evidence.

    A thought-out concept 

    • Accurate measurements thanks to high-quality sensors
    • Touchscreen and clear traffic light colors
    • Can be connected to a PC for larger live display on an external screen
    • Measured values visible over a 4-hour period (historic data may also be saved) 
    • Small, robust and reliable 
    • Rechargeable battery for 4-5 hours of operation 
    • USD port for battery charging and data transfer 
    • A Swiss innovation

    Frequently asked questions - FAQ

    • There are different causes for different values. Mainly:

      - Tolerances of the sensors - these tolerances are specified in the Operating Manual, at page 20: Product specification.

      - The location where the calibration was carried out and what was thus the reference for the calibration.

      The outside air, which is used in the calibration, is usually in the range of 400ppm, but this can also be increased depending on the proximity to roads.

    • The temperature measurement of the Condair Cube is quite sluggish.

      The reason for this is that the sensor needs a certain time until it reaches the operating temperature and the housing as well needs a certain time for acclimatization.

      The Condair Cube is designed for indoor use. If it is used outdoors, the wind and the sun exposure can strongly influence the measured temperature.

    • Ventilate the room by opening the windows and creating draught – this is how you achieve the best air exchange. If the value has decreased, you can close the windows again after some time.

      In winter, regular draught-air ventilation is recommended so that the room air is most effectively and quickly exchanged.

    • Place the cube in fresh outside air for about 10 minutes and check the CO2 value after this time.

      If the value is in the range of 400ppm +30/-10,  the CO2 value is displayed correctly.

    • With autocalibration, it is important that the sensor is placed in one location for a longer period of time.

      The reason for this is that the sensor records a value every 4h, after 7 days this value series is evaluated and the lowest value is assumed to be 400ppm - and thus the Condair Cube is calibrated to this value.

      It is assumed that over a period of 7 days, the ventilation achieves at least once a value of 400ppm.

      It is also recommended to expose the sensor to fresh outside air at least 1 time a week.

    • The difference in altitude changes the air pressure, which has an influence on the CO2 measurement.

      So if you take the Condair Cube with you to another geographic location, it is recommended to calibrate the sensor soonest, so it displays correct values from the beginning.

    • Basically, the battery life is about 4 hours.

      By reducing the screen brightness or switching off the screen, the battery life can be extended significantly.

    • Set up the Condair Cube as described in the instructions and connect it via the USB cable.

      If it is operated permanently in one place, the sensor can also be best adjusted via auto-calibration.

    • The Condair Cube has a cavity on the lower side, in it there is a button on the left side.

      o    To turn on the Condair Cube, connect it via the USB cable OR press the described button for >2sec.

      o    If you want to switch off the Codair Cube once again,  press the same button on the bottom for approx. >4sec. until the screen turns black.

    • The screen brightness has been turned off in this case.

      The brightness can be increased again via the upper round button ("Button 1").
      (See also illustration in Tips or the user Operating Manual.)

    • For this you need, as described in the manual, a SD card. This is available in every electronics store.

      The card can be inserted into the SD card slot on the right side of your Condair Cube. After restarting the Condair Cube, the data will be recorded every 10sec.

      A .csv file is stored on the SD card for each new day.

      The .csv file can be opened and edited with Excel.

    • H: 8.5 cm
      W: 5.8 cm
      D: 3.2 cm

      The USB charging cable: 15cm
      (It has been specially designed so short for mobility, also to keep the cable always plugged in or to connect to the power bank or a computer easily and quickly.)