Compressed Air & Water Nozzle Humidifier

Adiabatic Industrial Humidifier / Commercial Humidifier

Condair AF-Series adiabatic humidification systems are available either as a packaged system or as a modular engineered system. Both require connection to electrical power, water and compressed air.

AF-Series systems are ideal for direct space fogging applications such as manufacturing, automotive, printing, woodworking, textiles, paint booths, concrete curing, warehousing, and storage systems. They offer the benefits of low operating costs, minimal maintenance, and accurate control.

AFE Atomizing Nozzle Humidifier Systems for Space Applications

The AFE nozzle has a vacuum system that automatically stops water flow if air pressure drops.  The AFE nozzle design ensures equal output across all nozzles and is constructed of 316 stainless steel components.

AF Adiabatic Mini Packaged Wall Mount Humidification System

This system is ideal for specific area or room humidification.  The system has a built-in vacuum and control valve and a self-cleaning timer.  Available for RO, DI or potable water.

AF Adiabatic Octo Packaged Ceiling Mount Humidification System

The system is ideal for warehouse or factory applications.  Four, six, or eight AFE nozzles produce up to 120 lbs/hr (54.5 kg/hr).  The AF Octo operates via a single AFE control panel and is available for RO, DI or potable water.  

Condair's AF Series Humidifiers are ideal for many applications including: