Condair Humidifier Keeps Heidelberg Presses Rolling

An Adiabatic Humidifier Solution

When Heidelberg USA was looking to replace the humidification system at its demonstration facility in Kennesaw, Georgia, it turned to Condair's Draabe Series for the
right solution.

Having used an in-duct steam system for many years, Heidelberg wanted a more stable and energy-efficient approach to keeping its world-class demonstration facility at the optimum humidity levels.

Heidelberg USA chose the Draabe system to replace its in-duct steam system that was inefficient and no longer meeting the center’s needs.

“The steam was being generated into the ducts so you had to add heat to avoid creating condensation in the duct system,” says Russ. “But there were many times where we just wanted to add humidity to the air and the additional heat made the room too warm, so we would then have to put on the air conditioning. We wanted something more energy efficient.”

Consistent humidification is critical to the state-of-the-art facility at Heidelberg USA’s 40,000-square-foot, multi-use facility that is designed to offer customers an in-depth learning experience. The second largest print demonstration facility in the world (second only to Heidelberg Druck’s facility in Germany), it houses 36 pieces of prepress, press and post-press equipment, plus workflow solutions – all designed to help printers run more efficient and profitable businesses.

“The Draabe system is just another example of our commitment to top quality,” says Russ. “We are now able to keep the facility at 40 to 45 percent humidity, which is optimal for a printing environment. We literally have 24/7 control. This means that we never have to worry about paper shrinkage or paper curl, and we are always getting a consistent, superior product. Most importantly, it ensures that when we are demonstrating our capabilities to customers, they get the best possible experience.”

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