OE Series
OEM Electrode Steam Humidifier

Condair OE Series Electrode Steam Humidifiers employ the most advanced technology yet devised to reliably maintain interior environments at critical humidity levels. They provide the best of both worlds - top quality design and construction, with economy of installation and operation.

Precise Humidity Control

OE Series electrode humidifier installations handle the most demanding challenges. Each unit is controlled by its own integral electronics. All OE humidifiers have an automatic test routine, self diagnostic functions, and service indication. Continuous self service adjustments ensure the humidifier operates under any condition. OE humidifiers can be configured for simple on/off operation, precise modulating control and can even accept command inputs from a Building Management System via Modbus.

Flexible Humidifier Installation

OE Series humidifiers offer unprecedented installation flexibility. They can be configured for both small and large systems and are ideal in computer room and specialty air handling systems. Each capacity boasts its own powder coated cabinet to
minimize unit footprint.

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