Protect Your Belongings

Protect Your Belongings!

In addition to our health, optimal humidity also protects our home furnishings. A balanced room climate is very important to for common household objects that are sensitive to indoor humidity, such as wooden floors. Balanced indoor humidity also lets all your wooden furniture last longer and protects them against cracking or warping. 

The same applies to your musical instruments , which especially require attentive care. Pianos, and many string, plucked or wind instruments are made of fine woods in a climate with monitored humidity and temperature. This care must also be continued at home!

Do you own valuable works of art? The same applies here: With the right humidity, you prevent permanent damage to your paintings and works of art. Forget about cracks, dust and the colors from expanding or fading! 

Why Your Valuables Need Humidity

Air humidification systems provide effective and safe protection for your home environment. In order to ensure the desired relative room humidity of 40% - 60% RH at all times and to prevent hygienic problems of too much or too little humidity, a permanently installed solution is recommended. A fixed installation has great advantages over a mobile or portable humidifier.

Air stores water like a sponge. If it is close to saturation (100% relative humidity), it tends to give off moisture. If the air is too dry, it begins to pull moisture from furniture, wooden floors, or even the human body. The air dries up its surroundings to saturate itself with moisture. This can have an effect on delicate artwork, wine collections, or sophisticated musical instruments. 

Let's go a little deeper

Hygroscopic substances are substances that can contain moisture in their cell structure. At low humidity, the air removes moisture from the materials, often damaging the cell structure and cracking.

"A balanced indoor climate is of great importance for the longevity of a wooden floors. If a wooden floor is exposed to a low humidity of less than 30% for too long, the wood can deform or cracks can occur. For this reason, a humidity of between 35-70% is recommended by the wooden layer." - Andreas Schmid, Lenzlinger floor coverings.

So remember: dry air sucks water from pulp (wood furniture, flooring, and furniture) and from the cells (eyes, skin and lips).

With optimal air humidification, it can prevent ...

A human eye seen from the side

Damage to your facility

• Cracks in wooden furniture
• Deformations in wooden flooring
• Warping or poor performance with musical instruments
• Cracks in pictures and works of art

Health effects

• Regular sore throat
• Frequent headaches
• Dry, tired eyes
• Scaly, rough skin

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