Benefits and Advantages

Whole-home Humidity Control Solutions For Your Health and Home

Healthy humidity at home between 40-60% RH is an absolute must, not an option to protect your family and the contents of your home.   

We spend 90% of our time indoors so ensuring the air we breath is humidified to minimize viruses, and reduce many health issues not only for ourselves but for our pets is essential in creating a healthy indoor space.  Hydrated air is also essential for our valuable objects such as wood cabinets & furniture, hardwood flooring, musical instruments, art, collectables and wine cellars to prolong their line and prevent damage. During the heating season in particular, it is even more important to monitor and control your home's humidity level to ensure a consistent and healthy range of 40-60% RH.

Advantages to your health of a relative humidity between 40-60%:

  • Airborne droplets containing viruses retain moisture, are heavier and fall out of the air.  This results in minimizing the transmission of viruses that are transported by aerosols (e.g. when coughing or sneezing) resulting in fewer respiratory infections, from bronchitis to coronavirus.

  • Airborne droplets containing viruses retain moisture allowing physiochemical reactions to deactivate the virus.

  • Respiratory immune system's defenses function effectively, capturing, removing or fighting germs. 

  • The combination of humidity in the range of 40-60% RH with a room temperature of approx. 68-72 °F (20-22 C) is the basis for peak performance for the human body.  Restful sleep, improved concentrated for work and learning, along with beautiful and healthy skin are just a few of the benefits resulting for humidity control in your home.
  • Humidity control minimizes allergies and asthma, allowing you to breath easier.

  • Skin and eyes stay hydrated minimizing discomfort.

  • No painful electrostatic discharge when petting your pets - and less dust, too!

With 40-60% RH your respiratory immune system's defenses function effectively, capturing, removing or fighting germs. 

Here you can see how optimal room humidity can help you in terms of health

How do you measure the relative humidity in your home?

Get a hygrometer to measure the humidity level of your home. It's an easy as that!  

Hygrometers are inexpensive tools that can not only provide the humidity level of your home but also the temperature.  For the health and well-being of your family members and pets always keep your home's indoor air between 40-60% RH. 

The Humidity Sweet Spot for Minimizing Virus Tranmission - 40-60% RH

Value-preserving indoor climate

In order for our belongings to last us a long time, we have to take care of them accordingly. A room climate that has humidity control protects wood flooring & cabinets, preserves your valuable art and protects your instruments. Air stores water much like a sponge. If it is close to saturation (100% relative humidity), it tends to give off moisture. If the air is too dry, it begins to draw moisture from furniture, hardwood flooring, artwork or even the human body. The air dries up its surroundings to saturate itself with moisture.

How do I protect my items?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are many benefits to installing a whole-home humidifier.  You are able to consistently and accurately control the humidity in your entire home and not one room.  Whole-home humidifiers are extremely hygenic, require minimal maintenance and do not need daily refilling.  

  • No steam is visible from your vents and 100% of the moisture is absorbed into the air.  The units are also silent in operation.

  • No mold will form in the ductwork or in your home.  The threshold level of humidity in your home will never be high enough to encourage the growth of mold.

  • Condair HumiLife guarantees perfet hygiene.  With the tried and test steam solution, the water is boiled before it is distributed.

  • No, there is no increased risk of being infected by SARS-CoV-2 through a humidifier operating in your home.  In addition, the optimal air humidity range of 40-60% RH helps to protect against infections.

  • No, if the recommended relative humidity of 40-60% RH is adhered to, there is no risk in this regard.