Check your home's humidity with a hygrometer

Free for qualifying individuals (terms and conditions apply)

A hygrometer measures and displays the humidity level of a room. Ideally an indoor humidity should be between 40-60% relative humidity (%RH). If it is lower (drier) than this, airborne viruses, such as the flu, remain infectious for up to five times longer.

As world leading specialists in humidity control, we are committed to improving public health through promoting the importance of maintaining indoor humidity at 40-60%RH.

If the atmospheres in large offices, educational establishments and healthcare facilities were maintained at this level, the national spread of seasonal respiratory illness would be significantly reduced. This would save many thousands of lives each year.

If you work in one of these environments and feel your health may be suffering as a result of low humidity, we would be happy to send you a free hygrometer (pictured) so you can monitor your humidity level.

To qualify to receive one, we ask that you tell us a bit about your workplace and also that once you receive it, you respond to an email asking what your air conditions are. The more information we can gather about these crucial battlegrounds in the fight against flu, the more we can lobby the law makers to make 40-60%RH a legal requirement for these public places.

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Terms and conditions

1 - Offer only available while supplies last and can be withdrawn at any time without obligation.

2 - Hygrometers will only be dispatched to a business address in Canada and the United States.

3 - Only one hygrometer will be dispatched per business address.

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