Restful Sleep
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Humidity Control Provides Restful Sleep 

Start having a quiet and restful night’s sleep and forget about coughing fits or an irritated nose caused by dry room air. Thanks to Condair HumiLife, you can look forward to starting the day refreshed, comfortable, and rested.

Humidity between 40% to 60% RH is considered the optimum range, and scientific studies have proven that your health improves when humidity is maintained in this range. If you want to learn more, check out the scientific studies that have been conducted on humidity control.

An oasis of sleep

People spend between an average of six to ten hours a day sleeping. It’s critical that the human body is able to use this time for recovery without interruptions. Humidity helps prevent those unwanted interruptions by limiting the undesirable effects of common circumstances like dry noses, allergies, coughs, and more, which allows you to have a restful sleep.

In addition to a soft mattress and comfortable pajamas, the ideal room climate plays a major role in healthy sleep. Air that is too dry damages our mucous membranes, especially in the nose and throat area. With optimal air humidification, you can enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep without interruptions from a dry nose, lips, or cough, and so can your family and pets.

Stop struggling to breathe at night, start resting with optimal humidity!

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No more sleepless nights for children

Infants and children are much more sensitive to their resting environment, which includes the climate, noise, and light. Unlike parents, the bedroom is also the room in which they spend most of their time throughout the day. If the air in the nursery is too dry, your child may not get the healthy and restful sleep it needs. 

A good night’s sleep for young children can be improved with optimal humidity, allowing everyone in the house to have a productive and restful night without interruptions. When your child has a good night’s rest, you will notice improved concentration and performance throughout the day.

Baby having a healthy sleep

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