Condair HumiLife offers and complete product offering of whole-home humidity control solutions for your home.

Our series of blogs take a deep diver into the health and wellness benefits of maintaining your home at a healthy humidity of 40-60%RH, As well as the benefits to help prolong the life and quality of the finishing and belongs in your home.  

6 Benefits of Installing a Whole House Humidifier

A home with an ideal humidity level of between 40-60%RH is healthier, more comfortable, safer and c...

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Protecting Hardwood Flooring with Proper Humidity Control

Natural hardwood flooring is incredibly beautiful and highly resilient, as long as its surroundings...

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Own a Condo? Protect Your Home – and Yourself – with Proper Humidity Control!

The design of modern condominium developments usually incorporates heat pumps and air conditioning ...

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