Own a Condo? Protect Your Home – and Yourself – with Proper Humidity Control!

In a recent Condair HumiLife case study, local installer Don Desormeaux described his experience with our solutions and the needs of condo owners. While the findings are fascinating and we recommend giving it a read, one tidbit of information stood out to us: the condo units themselves often suffer from relative humidity that is far too low! This creates an unhealthy, difficult environment to live in if not addressed, and such an investment should feel like home sweet home rather than a potential source of discomfort. Especially given the urgent need to reduce the risk of viral transmissions from person to person, we want to help homeowners make informed decisions about the indoor environments they live in. 

That’s why, today, we’re going to go over just how proper humidity control can protect yourself, your condo purchase, and all your belongings and household members within it. 

Why Condominium Humidity is Often Lacking

First, let’s quickly go over why condo owners often face humidity-related difficulties. The design of modern condominium developments usually incorporates heat pumps and air conditioning units. However, as noted by Don in our Coolwave HVAC case study, humidification is normally reserved for shared spaces such as lobbies, onsite amenities such as gyms, and hallways. The units themselves are prone to temperature and relative humidity fluctuations, typically meaning much less hydration than the human mind and body require. Therefore, without in-unit environmental control, humidity is drawn from the occupants themselves, causing conditions to feel even drier and more uncomfortable while weakening immune system strength! Attacking this issue with heat is not the answer – a purpose-built humidifier is essential, and it’s of critical importance that all rooms are kept between 40 and 60 percent relative humidity. 

What Low Humidity Does to Your Health

That balanced range of relative humidity is important because, if you deviate from it, you risk developing health complications with prolonged exposure. These can range from irritability, tiredness and a lack of focus to skin irritation and a suppressed immune system. That latter issue is one in particular to bear in mind, as it means condo unit occupants in dry conditions have a harder time fighting off viral infections. This happens because aerosols, naturally dispersed by humans and containing pathogens, can travel further in low-humidity environments. If a condo building only achieves 40 to 60 percent relative humidity in the common spaces, these aerosols have the potential to spread through units and even ventilation with ease. To maximize airborne infection control efficiency and truly have a healthy, comfortable home, regulating the air moisture content and temperature of your unit should be a top priority.

Low-Humidity Condo Consequences

If conditions are too dry, the materials contained within your condo unit are likely to become worn out, damaged or more difficult to maintain much sooner than anticipated. This is especially true for furnishings, décor, and flooring made of wood, which can warp, crack, and splinter. Artwork and instruments can suffer from brittleness, glue and coating problems, and other difficult-to-repair forms of damage. Fabrics, meanwhile, become a breeding ground and safe space for dust mites, allergens, and other unwanted particulates. There’s also the heightened risk of electrostatic discharges – static shocks, for short – to consider, which can damage electronics, corrupt computer data and, in rare circumstances, even increase the risk of an electrical fire. 

There’s a powerful allure to condo living and it certainly comes with a wide array of benefits, but proper humidity control is crucial if we wish to make the most out of these beautiful, convenience-rich properties. If you’d like to learn more, our team at Condair HumiLife is happy to assist with details on our residential humidifiers for your condo. Contact us today for a free quote.

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