Condair HumiLife Steam Humidifier - RH

Condair HumiLife 

The whole-home steam humidifier solution for air hydration in your home. 

Condair HumiLife steam humidifiers generate hygienic, atmospheric steam by boiling water at 212°F (100°C). This effectively kills all germs and bacteria in the water, providing pure, clean water vapor to humidify the air in the most hygienic way.

The water vapor is introduced into the forced air ventilation system to provide whole-home humidity control.

Condair HumiLife humidifiers require minimal maintenance. Exchanging the cylinder brings the system to like-new condition and the Condair HumiLife app can provide assistance to purchase a replacement cylinder and will also provide you step by step instructions on how to replace it. No tools required – anyone can do it.

The Condair HumiLife steam humidifier works with tap water and is ideal for single-family houses, apartments and offices.

Remote operation
at your fingertips

Little to no

Simple and flexible


The Condair HumiLife Steam Humidifier is wifi connected allowing you to check it anywhere, anytime. Modify your level of relative humidity, monitor your humidifier’s performance, receive maintenance notifications.

Simply swap out the cylinder every year and you're ready for the next heating season. Our app will alert you when its time.

The lightweight design allows for direct ductwork mounting and only needs a drain and a cold-water supply. This unit works with all 3 power configurations – making it a flexible solution.

Condair’s patented algorithm lowers water consumption and minimizes water waste, allowing an extended cylinder life. Operation is a breeze by enabling the automatic control capability, set it and enjoy your healthy humidity.

The Condair HumiLife whole-home humidifier is easy to install. We even have a useful video guide to help you install. Check it out! 

Condair is the brand professionals have been trusting
for over 70 years.

Every humidifier Condair manufactures is easily serviceable, dependable and built to last: engineered in Switzerland, proudly made in North America and backed by a 5 year warranty.

Do you have questions about whole-home humidification? Condair's residential experts are here to help.

Technical Specifications - Condair RH

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