Steam Humidification For Your Home

Why Steam Humidification is a Safe and Dependable Whole House Humidifier Solution

Condair has been the leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial steam humidification products for over 70 years. We have taken our knowledge and expertise to engineer the safest and most hygienic whole-home steam humidifier on the market. The Condair HumiLife whole-home steam humidifier is the superior humidification solution for clean and healthy air for a more comfortable home. 

We believe in our innovations and stand behind them with our Condair HumiLife home humidifier 5-year warranty. With the Condair whole-home steam humidifier, the historic risks associated with traditional steam humidifiers are eliminated through our engineering advancements. We have taken contractor and customer feedback to create a safe and dependable new generation whole-home steam humidifier. 

Steam humidifiers have the advantage of extremely hygienic operation; by boiling water in the cylinder, pathogens are eliminated and minerals are left behind. The boiling technique used is electrode based, meaning there is no resistive coils, as seen in traditional resistive steam humidifiers, that can easily overheat when there is no water present.  As well standing water does not exist in the Condair HumiLife steam humidifier, so homeowners can safely breathe hygienic air with no risk of pathogens developing in the unit.

Safety Features Incorporated in the Condair Whole-Home Steam Humidifier

  • Angled steam lance so no condensation forms upon entry into duct, and only flows outward.

    • On/off controls and sensors that ensure set level will not cause unsafe levels of humidity.

    • 1” air gap that prevents backflow.

    • Unit operation does not allow for standing water in the unit which removes the risk of pathogens developing.

    • Humidifier fan operates for 90 seconds after boiling stops so that any remaining steam is cycled.

    • Electrode technology eliminates the risk of the unit overheating. Only heats the unit when water is present.

    • Mobile app allows you to monitor the unit. operation remotely.

    • Five year warranty from the manufacturer.

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