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Be part of the movement: healthy buildings are the future!

We have good news: Residential HVAC contractors like you can work with us at your side to create more enjoyable, valuable, and healthier homes. The quality of the accommodations in a home defines how long a resident is willing to stay, so long-term homeowners require top quality solutions. Condair HumiLife provides those solutions. 

Smart solutions from Condair HumiLife bring controlled air humidity, which is exceptionally easy to install, into modern housing projects. An added benefit is that the proven solutions of the Condair HumiLife product line can now be seamlessly integrated into smart homes! 

Let’s not forget that housing is about people’s shelter and comfort. Therefore, indoor climate control requires close attention to fresh air, balanced temperature, optimal humidity, and natural light. All of these have an influence on the health and well-being of the occupants, as well as on the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other germs.

As such, healthy and comfortable humidity is necessary! If you are also committed to healthy buildings and homes with confidence – we have your back: we bring decades of experience and reliable systems to your profession. Our Condair HumiLife product line also comes with a 5 year warranty!


  • High-quality solutions backed by a 5 year warranty

  • Easy installations

  • Intuitive app for simple operation and maintenance

  • Lead generation programs

  • Marketing and technical support from the manufacturer

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    Modern homes and the dangers of dry air

    Modern, energy-efficient residential buildings today have a very airtight design and require a mechanical ventilation system. In winter, heating leads to very dry indoor air, as the cold winter air contains very little water.

    The consequences of dry room air are coughing, itchy and inflamed skin, and an increased risk of infection, because viruses, bacteria and other pathogens love these conditions. In addition to your health, wooden furniture, musical instruments, works of art and wooden flooring are also at risk of damage from dry air.

    The solution: Increase humidity in a controlled manner

    Although a ventilation system regulates the air exchange without you having to open windows, it does not regulate the humidity. On the contrary, the room air becomes very dry in winter, during the heating season.

    Modern humidification systems have different application characteristics:

    • They can be designed in such a way that they humidify each room individually and directly. Such a solution, such as lighting a room individually, must be planned at an early stage and implemented during the construction phase or on total building renovation. The space used for humidifying remains almost invisible. An app controlled via the smartphone allows flexibility and individual control of humidity in each room.

    • Another efficient and sustainable humidification solution is possible when forced air systems exist or are planned. In this case, the humidity is introduced into the air flow via a sterile membrane as condensate-free water vapor.

    If you are interested in becoming a partner and teaming up with industry leading technology and over 70 years of experience, please let us know! 

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    When Don Desormeaux, owner of Ottawa based Cool Wave HVAC, describes the benefits of indoor relative humidity control, one can sense his passion for quality results. 

    We feel the same way at Condair HumiLife; for over 35 years, we’ve relied on Don’s services for installing high-efficiency humidifiers in commercial and industrial applications. 

    Residential humidifiers, however, can bring many of the same health and wellness benefits into the home...

          Frequently Asked Questions

    • The Condair HumiLife whole-home evaporative solution for forced air heating is a bypass-style humidifier which introduces humidification by passing some warm furnace air across a unique ceramic evaporation pad. Install this directly to your furnace to supply your entire home with healthy, comfortable humidified air. Simple installation and automatic operation makes the economic solution for forced air heating a seamless solution for improving your home’s indoor climate.  The humidity is moved by the furnace blower motor through the duct system and is distributed throughout the home.

    • No, our unit comes with a wall plug that can go right into the wall.

    • Our media pad is designed to provide maximum humidification and does not need to be changed regularly.

    • The Condair HumiLife whole-home steam humidifier generates hygienic, atmospheric steam by boiling water at 212°F (100°C). This effectively kills all germs and bacteria in the water, providing pure, clean water vapor to humidify the air in the most hygienic way. The vaporization process uses normal tap water without additional water treatment. The water vapor is introduced into the forced air ventilation system to provide whole-home humidity control. The proven steam solution is constructed of high-quality materials, proven electronics and diligent workmanship to ensure long and reliable operation.

      • Hygienic whole-home steam humidifier · Electrode steam technology boils water in a plastic cylinder – when cylinder reaches end-of-life, simply replace.
      • Automatic control – set it and sleep easy.
      • Smartphone App for remote control and monitoring.
      • Easiest maintenance with industry unique cylinder exchange mechanism – no tools required.
      • Integration into smart home platforms for flexible connectivity.
      • Quiet operation.
      • Automatic cylinder lifetime detection to avoid manual reset.
      • Drain water automatically tempered to meet local plumbing codes.
      • Patented auto-adaptive water management maximizes cylinder life.
      • Direct furnace mounting or remote mounting.

    •  On the Duct Work or side wall. We can install on the ductwork due to how light the whole-home steam humidifier weighs overall.