Condair Cube for Your Home

Learn more about the air you breathe with the Condair Cube

The Condair Cube is a portable high quality sensor that monitors the air around you and let's you know if you're in the green. 

One look at this air quality monitor will tell you everything you need to know. The Condair Cube works similar to a traffic light system, indicating if you're good to go, need to make changes, or if you need to leave and make your arrangement more suitable for healthy living.

Like traffic light colors, the Condair Cube monitors CO2 concentration, temperature, and relative humidity levels. When the ring is yellow or red, you should act accordingly;

Intuitive design for everyday use

  • Sensirion high-quality sensors provide precise measurements 

  • Touchscreen and intuitive traffic light color system

  • Can be connected to a PC for a larger live display on an external screen

  • Small, robust, and reliable

  • Rechargeable battery for 4-5 hours of operation (tbd)

  • USB port for battery charging and data transfer

  • Swiss engineered 

Carry the small, handy Condair Cube with you for a variety of settings...

  • Your Restaurant
  • In the Office
  • At School
  • At the Gym
  • For Visiting Friends and Family

When driving, you not only rely on the brakes for your safety and others around you, but also airbags, seatbelts, mirrors, power-steering, and much more. However, this concept of multi-level safety features extends to healthy air quality. The Condair Cube for indoor air quality monitoring is a step towards a safer environment.

Healthy humidity: 40% - 60% RH significantly reduces the transmission of viruses transported by aerosols (when coughing, sneezing, or speaking). This leads to fewer respiratory infections.

The CO2 measured values are an indicator of the quality of indoor air.
Where there is a lot of CO2 - i.e. a high aerosol concentration and virus load.
- the probability is greater that someone will become infected with pathogens or viruses.
The aim is to keep the CO2 value below 800ppm if possible and absolutely below 1200ppm!
And if you find critical conditions in the restaurant or on the train - leave these rooms if possible at the next opportunity! There is a higher risk of infection here.

        How to display your Cube on a large screen. Download & install the application

      In classrooms, doctors' offices, conference rooms, gyms, pubs or restaurants, there is a need to monitor the air quality and actively manage the indoor climate, in order to provide safety for children, employees, customers and visitors.

      The Condair Cube has the ability to be connected to a large screen to show indoor occupants what the air quality is so it can be actively manages to create a safe and healthy indoor space.

      Note that you can still use your computer to work on: you simply mirror the relevant screen onto the large display.

      Simple steps:

      • Connect the Condair Cube to a PC via the USB cable.
      • Install the Condair Cube application and driver: Click here
      • Open the Condair Cube Tool* to start the display on the PC monitor or an external monitor. (*best save it on desktop)

      The readings will be updated at intervals of 30 seconds.

      Note that the individual display settings of your computer device i.e. the zoom factors can impair the display. Go into your computer's Settings - Display to adjust the Scaling, if needed.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Ventilate the room by opening the windows and creating a draft. If the value has decreased, you can close the windows again after some time.

      • The battery life is approximately 4 hours.

        With reduced or off screen brightness, battery life can be extended.

      • Height: 3.35 in
        Width: 2.3 in
        Depth: 1.26 in

        USB charging cable: 5.9 in