Wine Cellar

Humidity and your Wine Cellar

Optimal humidity in your wine cellar safeguards and improves the quality of your wine and ensures that you won't have cracks, fungi or mold in the wine cellar itself. Proper humidification in the sensitive environment of a wine cellar is essential to storing your collection.

Humidity between 70% to 75% RH is considered the optimum range for wine and wine cellars, and you can now easily check your home humidity levels using a home hygrometer. Check it out and see how you can improve your home today!

Storing your wine for the perfect glass

Good soil, sunny slopes, passionate winemakers, these are the best qualities for the creation of great wine! In order to preserve, or even increase their quality, the warehouses and wine cellars must have a constant temperature and the humidity must be strictly regulated.

Ultimately, wine bottle storage is always about keeping the quality of the wine at the existing level consistent, or improving it until you drink it. How long the wine can be stored depends on a number of factors, including the storage conditions.

Optimal environmental conditions have an enormous effect on the quality of your wine. It's particularly important when it comes to expensive wines that can be stored for a longer period of time. What is optimal humidity? 70-75% relative humidity. If the humidity is too low, it may affect the cork and it becomes permeable, damaging your wine. Too much humidity and the risk of mold growth increases.

A woman underneath a grapevine holding a grape bundle

Avoid damaging your wine cellar

Too high a level of moisture in the air leads to standing wetness, softened cardboard boxes, as well as mold and rot formation. Corks are especially susceptible to high levels of humidity and can become damaged which may allow fungus to enter the bottle.

On the other hand, too low humidity leads to cracks through the dry air and damages the wine by introducing too much oxygen. Even corked bottled wine requires a consistent indoor climate, otherwise it is transformed into vinegar. Cool, dark and sufficiently humid – these are optimal storage conditions for wine. Protect the perfect glass – protect your investment.

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