Preserve Your Art

Preserve your Precious Art

To properly preserve your art, you need the correct combination of temperature, lighting, and humidity. This prevents expansion, shrinkage, and other damage associated with changing indoor climates. The optimal humidity leads to radiant displays and long-term, well-kept art pieces.

Art is Meant to Last

Air humidity is essential to the longevity of delicate art pieces that see temperature changes and light exposure, as it will preserve the sensitive climate needed for regular art presentations.

Materials such as primers, barriers, paint and protective layers cause expansion and shrinkage when there is a change in temperature or humidity. These processes can cause permanent damage to art pieces and installations, so it is important to properly protect these investments.

Modern art and architecture in a home

Constant, Balanced Humidity Preserves your Art

Too much material movement can lead to the disruption of the paint layers. Dust accumulates in cracks, which then disrupts them even more. Due to the higher surface area contact to atmospheric oxygen, the canvas oxidation process is also accelerated.

If the preservation of your art objects is important to you, you should stick to a relative humidity of 55 to 60% for paintings. Condair HumiLife is designed with preservation and comfort in mind.

Modern art and architecture in a home

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