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The homes you build are investments, and you need to protect your assets properly. That means ideal humidity between 40-60% RH to protect hardwood floors, cabinetry, and custom wood finishes. Condair HumiLife whole-home humidifiers provide automatic humidity monitoring, remote operability, energy efficiency, and most importantly: clean, hygienic, and comfortable air to also keep your home owners healthy.

When using Condair HumiLife humidifiers, you're also buying direct from the manufacturer, from full units to parts. So you can rest assured the whole-home humidifier is sourced, assembled, and shipped with customers and homeowners in mind. 

Contractors, builders, and architects recognize Condair HumiLife as the premiere whole-home humidifier for modern homes. With modern living in mind, Condair HumiLife has a variety of solutions for the requirements of new homes. If you're looking for easy installation, outstanding technical support, and the most advanced humidifiers on the market, you're looking for Condair HumiLife humidifiers. 

Condair HumiLife also signals a new way of thinking about investment protection. By actively preventing damage to sensitive structures, you also provide customers with peace of mind. 

Indoor humidity between 40 - 60% RH is ideal for homeowners health. The Sterling chart shows how ideal home humidity creates the perfect environment for hygienic air. The health benefits are a decisive factor in home purchases, and the enticing benefits make Condair HumiLife an enticing choice for remodels. 

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