Wood Furniture and Flooring

Protection and Preservation of Valuable Wood in Your Home

Protect your wooden furniture, cabinets, and flooring by avoiding cracks and deformations in the wood caused by lack of humidity control. Humidity has a direct impact on the longevity of you the wood elements in your home, so using Condair HumiLife to control indoor humidity preserves your climate sensitive belongings.

Humidity between 35% to 70% RH is considered the optimum range for the preservation of wood products, and you can now easily check your home humidity levels using a home hygrometer. Check it out and see how you can improve the humidity levels in your home today!

Watch Out for Warping

Anyone who has a living space clad with wood products knows the sounds of the changing seasons – creaking from warped hardwood floorboards, cracking on wood cabinetry, and misaligned sliding drawers on furniture. The wood deforms due to consistently high room temperature above 77°F and humidity of less than 40%. 

In such a case, the wood elements are not to be blamed. It is only reacting to its environment. Excessive heat and dry conditions will become the responsibility of the home owners, so humidity control is important!

Wood floor specialist Andreas Schmid recommends 35-70% relative humidity!

“A balanced room climate is very important for you and the longevity of a wooden floor! If a wooden floor is exposed to low humidity below 30% for too long, the wood can deform or cracks can develop. For this reason, it is recommended to keep a humidity level between 35-70%.”

A wooden drawer

Maintain the Quality of your the Wood in your Home

Wood is a natural material that is particularly sensitive to air that is too dry.

Drawers and doors tend to refuse to work when the air is too dry and will no longer close smoothly. Other furniture, antiques, musical instruments or books can also get damage and cracks due to insufficient indoor air humidity. 

Wooden furniture in tropical climates, such as in South America, can often look new even after decades have passed. This is because warm air can store more liquid than cold air. With the right humidity, your wooden furniture can lead a long, healthy life.

Stacks of wooden planks

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